Copper River And Alaskan Brewing Partner At Iron Fork In Dallas, Texas

Opper river and alaskan brewing partner at iron fork in dallas, texas

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May 1, 2013
Copper River and Alaskan Brewing Partner at Iron Fork in Dallas, Texas
Cordova, alaska--on may 8, 2013, the copper river/prince william sound marketing association and alaskan brewing company will partner in dallas, texas to support the dallas observer iron fork competition and to bring two great alaska products—copper river salmon and alaskan brewing beer—to the lone star state.
Sponsored by the dallas observer, whole foods and ben e. Keith beverage, the locally renowned iron fork competition will feature the onstage chef challenge moderated by chef kent rathbun. Competing chefs, scott romano of nick & sam’s, and matt mccallister of ft33, will be given a basket of ingredients, including one mystery ingredient. The competing chefs will have to create a dish in a mini kitchen, and the dish will then be judged by a panel. The winner will receive the title of iron chef.
Both chefs will travel to cordova, alaska to experience one of the first copper river salmon openers in may, where they will board a commercial fishing vessel to fish for copper river sockeye themselves. On their way home, they will stop over in juneau to tour the alaskan brewery and see the beer making process firsthand. Back in texas, each chef will host a vip dinner featuring the copper river salmon and alaskan brewing beer.
Alaskan brewing is the official beer sponsor of the iron fork competition, and brand manager, cindy burchfield explains, “we want to bring our passion for copper river salmon to texas just like we brought our alaskan amber to texas last year. There are a lot of people in dallas who have an appreciation for wild alaska seafood and for alaskan beer, so it was a natural partnership with the iron fork competition.”
This is the first year that the copper river/prince william sound marketing association will be participating in the event and executive director, beth poole says, “we are really looking forward to welcoming scott and matt to cordova. Our fishermen work in a remote corner of the world and our salmon is renowned worldwide. It’s very exciting to be here in our small alaskan fishing community when the season reopens each year and these two chefs from dallas are going to see where the finest wild alaska sockeye comes from. We are so pleased to be working with chefs, retailers and home cooks to share copper river salmon across the country.”
For additional information on iron fork or to order tickets to the event, see the official website.
For more info contact: beth poole, executive director
Copper river/pws marketing association
Box 199, cordova, alaska 99574
T: 907.424.3459:: f: 907.424-3430


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