Copper River Participates At The 5th Annual Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Summit In Charleston

Cordova, alaska--the copper river/prince william sound marketing association was pleased to participate in the 5th annual chefs collaborative sustainable food summit held in charleston, south carolina in november. The annual event gathers together food professionals, writers, chefs and culinary authorities from around the nation and presents forums, round tables, cooking demonstrations, tastings, and presentations focusing on and exploring the many facets of our country’s rich and diverse foods. For the event, copper river/prince william sound marketing association was a champion sponsor and participated by hosting an information table during the summit and by sending smoked copper river salmon for the welcome breakfast.

Melissa kogut, executive director of chefs collaborative, was thrilled with the turnout. She explained, “we were sold out with more than 300 chefs, food professionals and food activists in attendance. We were so pleased to welcome the copper river/prince william sound marketing association to the chefs collaborative community this year! Participants got a chance to taste wild and sustainable copper river salmon at the welcome breakfast and to talk with a fisherman who made the trip to charleston! With so many wonderful artisan products being produced and sold around the country, we are pleased to play such a critical role in fostering an understanding about these foods and the many choices in the marketplace.”

Derek blake, a resident of alaska and a long time copper river/prince william sound fisherman was charged with the task of going to the summit and manning the copper river information table at the summit. Blake explains, “i talked to people and answered their questions about the fishery management, the season, and the returns we’ve been having each year. It was a great educational trip because a lot of these people had never spoken to an alaska fisherman and they had a lot of questions…with so many great products out there on the market, the importance of the educational push will never end. Copper river salmon has a niche market, and we’ve done well. We also need to keep telling people that copper river salmon is the leading salmon out there.”

Kim ryals, executive director of the copper river/prince william sound marketing association explains, “with copper river’s legacy of sustainability and our long standing commitment to harvesting this renewable resource in a way that future generations can be assured of its availability, we were happy to play an active role in this event.”

For additional information contact: kim ryals, executive director, copper river/pws marketing association, box 199, cordova, alaska 99574 info@copperrivermarketing.Org


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