Prince William Sound Science Center Bestows Fisheries Achievement Award

Copper River Nouveau Gala Honors Bill Bailey Iii And Raises Funds To Improve Understanding Of Region’s Ecosystems 

Cordova, alaska--on saturday, june 15, the prince william sound science center held its 14th annual benefit gala, the copper river nouveau dinner, at the orca adventure lodge. Located in cordova and committed to understanding how one place on earth can maintain a reliable economy and natural environment for the long term, the prince william sound science center sits in one of the world’s richest regions boasting glaciers, numerous distinct ecosystems, a pristine rainforest and rivers full of world-famouscopper river salmon. Dedicated to ecosystem research and education, the science center uses collaboration and systems-thinking methods to address the global nature of today’s challenges.

On saturday, 124 supporters gathered for the gala event to help fund science education and the research that informs it. An anonymous donor whose $10,000 match spurred on the generosity of guests generated $32,000 in support of science research and education during the “raise the paddle” pledge. At the multicourse dinner, which was cooked by chef laura cole of 229 parks, both copper river king and sockeye salmon were served. The fisheries achievement award, which is given each year and acknowledges an individual or a group of individuals who have made a significant contribution toward the sustainable use of fishery resources in prince william sound or the copper river regions, was awarded. During the dockside reception, senator lisa murkowski bestowed the honor upon bill bailey iii, co-founder and managing partner of copper river seafoods for 17 years.

While at copper river seafoods, bailey helped to grow the company to one of the largest alaska-based food manufacturing companies, providing jobs to many cordovans and alaskans throughout the state. Bill originally smoked salmon at home and eventually started direct marketing his fish in the early 90s. While building the business, bill worked with the local commercial fishermen to send better quality fish to the market and to get a better fairer market price for them. According to an official statement prepared by copper river seafoods, “bill has an easy going way of mentoring and infusing his knowledge and passion for the industry into everyone he speaks with. Although he has his own family, bill has been a father to everyone in the company. Bill genuinely cares about his co-workers and his community.”

According to rj kopchak, co-founder and development director of prince william sound science center, bill bailey personifies community-based efforts to fully realize the value of our sustainable fisheries resources. Kopchak explained, “bill’s efforts have included promoting all aspects of the formula: good resource management, catch to consumer quality control, new product development, marketing, and a fair return on value to the fishing fleet. We were pleased to present him with this award.”

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