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Published February 26th, 2016 by Copper River Salmon

Meredith Steele - Steele House Kitchen

Copper River fishermen are few. There are only 540 or so adventurous men and women who harvest your Copper River chinook, sockeye and coho salmon. We get to tell their story for them and it's an exciting story. So in the past few years we’ve developed partnerships with amazing storytellers. We work with a handful of bloggers to help carry the story of Copper River salmon and the fishermen who catch them far and wide.

Fresh Catch Crew bloggers

Our Fresh Catch Crew bloggers receive samples of Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon over the course of our fishing season, May through September. The recipes we have seen prepared over the years have often been simple, delicious and nutritious! Others have been fancy and highly prepared. We have loved them all!

Meredith Steele - Steele House Kitchen

Pull up a chair and your laptop, pour yourself a cup of tea and live vicariously through a handful of stories and recipes. Tonight, maybe your dreams will be filled with wild Copper River salmon and your appetite will be whetted for the best tasting wild salmon in the world. Our fresh season is just around the corner.

Meredith Steele - Steele House Kitchen

First up is Meredith Steele of Steele House Kitchen, an incredibly talented writer, photographer, recipe developer and graphic designer, not to mention amazing mother and wife and friend. We invite you to spend some time on her blog. You'll find many Copper River salmon recipes there in addition to many many other fabulous recipes and thoughts on food and life. As Meredith puts it, her blog is "a place where we all can relate and bring a moment of laughter, inspiration, and creativity around good honest food."

Meredith Steele - Steele House Kitchen

Steele House Kitchen, Meredith Steele:

Poached Salmon in Tomato Garlic Broth

Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Salmon - Revisited

Amber Maple Glazed Salmon

Cedar Planked Coho Salmon with Brown Sugar Dijon Glaze

Salmon Hush Puppies with Jalapeno Cherry Chutney

Miso Mustard Roasted Salmon

Pan Seared Copper River salmon with Mustard Beurre Blanc

In Search of the Perfect Salmon

Salmon and Heirloom Tomato Farro Bowl

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