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We want to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy the 

World's Finest Salmon: Copper River King, Sockeye, and Coho

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Copper River Salmon

Sockeye salmon filets - buy sockeye salmonThe Copper River is located in south-central Alaska, where it flows for 290 miles before emptying into the Gulf of Alaska right near a town called Cordova.

Every year a small fleet of one and two-man boats take on the task of harvesting the treasures of nature provided by this powerful river, and delivering the expert care deserved by Copper River Salmon. 

Our fishermen, tenders, and processors all strive to make sure these salmon are the best quality available.

A favorite of chefs and eaters alike, no other salmon delivers the same unique flavor experience.

With deep red and orange hues, Copper River salmon shows its quality at a single glance; the Omega-3 acids we all know and love are practically bursting from the filet. 

Wild Alaskan salmon fisheries have been said to be the most sustainable wild 

salmon fisheries in the world, and the fishermen of the Copper River take that to heart.

When you think wild, think Copper River.

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