The Corkline

  • Copper River Bang Bang Salmon

    Apr 2

    Our take on Bang Bang salmon showcases the delicate balance of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors that characterize the traditional "Bang Bang" dish.

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  • Copper River Salmon Inari Bombs

    Feb 26

    Copper River Salmon Inari Bombs Recipe by Diane Wiese Once again, Diane shares with us a delectable recipe that merges the bold flavors of Japanese cuisine with the rich essence of wild-caught Copper River Sockeye salmon: Salmon Balls with Sushi Rice and Aburagge. This delightful fusion dish brings together the ...

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  • Macadamia Nut Pesto Salmon

    Feb 22

    Macadamia Nut Pesto Salmon Recipe by Kevin Guard This Copper River Sockeye Salmon recipe is a delightful fusion of flavors and textures that showcases the exquisite taste of wild-caught salmon, paired with nutty barley, vibrant asparagus, and a luscious Macadamia Nut Pesto. This culinary delight is the brainchild of Kevin ...

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  • Interview with Lisa Nguyen

    Feb 6

    "I don’t know how I can go back to eating salmon at the store after eating Copper River salmon. Just seeing the process, how it’s all done, it's just amazing."

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  • Sustainable Resolutions: Navigating the Waters of 2024 with Copper River Salmon

    Jan 2

    How conscious consumption, sustainability, and healthy practices can transform your year. 

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  • A Culinary Voyage of Copper River Salmon with Lisa Bryan

    Nov 28

    I really appreciated talking to several fishermen to get a better understanding of their process - from catching the salmon to cleaning the salmon to flash-freezing the salmon and gently handling each salmon individually along that process. The respect that the fishermen have for their catch and the environment in ...

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  • A Culinary Voyage of Copper River Salmon with Mariah Scott

    Nov 14

    Learning about the culture of the Copper River, the people that wake up every morning to go fishing to feed their families, to feed the world, has made a big impact on my life and I can’t help but to look at things, especially wild salmon, in a new ...

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  • A Culinary Voyage of Copper River Salmon with Shanna Schad

    Oct 30

    Getting to see firsthand how much care and respect goes into catching the salmon to preparing them for shipping helps me be able to better inform my readers on why Copper River Salmon is my top choice and helps them to make that choice as well. The more they trust ...

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  • A Culinary Voyage of Copper River Salmon with Ari Laing

    Oct 16

    Education is everything! These salmon camps are so important! Not everyone will have the opportunity to visit Cordova or learn about sustainability and responsible fishing firsthand. However, a lot of people follow their favorite influencers religiously. This is a great opportunity for us to educate our audience in ...

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  • Chef Thoughts with Lesa Lewis

    Sep 12

    One thing that really blows my mind is the dedication that I see in Cordova.  It’s like the whole community is centered around one single fish. It’s pretty spectacular. And I think as chefs we try to source the best possible quality items and this ...

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