The Corkline

  • Cooking Copper River Salmon: Back to Basics

    Jun 6

    It’s Copper River Salmon season! Do you need a brief refresher on how to prepare fresh, wild salmon? Here is your guide to the most popular preparation methods along with some of our suggestions along the way. The axiom rings very true when cooking wild salmon: practice makes ...

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  • Thank You United States Coast Guard

    May 3

    May is an exciting month for us here in our fishing community. Boats are being put back into the water and the first Copper River salmon of the season will be freshly harvested on the Copper River Flats fishing grounds. But May is also a time to thank our service ...

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  • Lessons on the Copper River Delta: A Salmon System​​​​

    Apr 2

    Lessons on the Copper River Delta: A Salmon System Words and photos by Kate Morse        Where the mountains meet the sea—and where humpbacks swim nearby….that’s what drew me fresh from college (and the East Coast) up to Cordova, AK. I might have applied ...

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  • Our Five Favorite Spring Salmon Recipes

    Mar 27

    With fresh Copper River Salmon season right around the corner we have a round up of some of our favorite recipes to try with the season’s first fish. 1. Sockeye Salmon with Fava Bean Salad Recipe by Foodness Gracious Jerry of Foodness Gracious says of our wild sockeye, “...

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  • Copper River Salmon Dumplings 饺子 (jiǎo zi)

    Feb 7

    Chinese New Year Dinner Chinese New Year is the traditional celebration of the lunar new year which typically falls in the first week of February. This is a time to celebrate with family and friends and, as is so common among celebrations, food plays a central role. One of the ...

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  • Why Wild Salmon Need Snow

    Jan 17

    Winter in Alaska is marked by especially cold temperatures and short days. Here in Southcentral Alaska, along the Gulf Coast we also see an increased potential of heavy snowfall. This dense, coastal snow is both beautiful and beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem. Temperate maritime air from the Gulf of Alaska ...

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  • Our Fresh Catch Crew

    Dec 21

    The Copper River Salmon Story Copper River fishermen are few. There are only 540 or so adventurous men and women who harvest your Copper River salmon, Kings, Sockeye and Coho. We are tasked with telling their story for them. The Copper River salmon story is exciting so in the past few ...

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  • Fish, Forest and Fungus

    Aug 23

    Every fall in coastal Alaska summer abundance begins to wane as the seasons shift. Nowhere will this change become more evident than in the coastal forests where the streams are full of salmon and the forest floor is covered in mushrooms; hedgehogs, porcinis and winter chanterelles. These wild treats are ...

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  • Salmon for Seniors

    May 22

    It’s difficult to imagine it but not everyone in Alaska has a freezer full of our favorite renewable resource: Salmon! Fishermen band together to make sure those in need have access to delicious nutritious wild Alaskan salmon. Guest blog post by Jocelyn Layte, program coordinator at Cordova District ...

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  • Keeping it Cool on the Copper River Flats

    May 1

    Copper River salmon is famous for kicking off the wild Alaskan salmon season each spring. The Copper River fleet fishes a long season that begins in May and extends all the way through September. Throughout this entire time Copper River salmon can be found fresh in stores nationwide. As any ...

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