The Corkline

  • The Anatomy of a Bowpicker

    Jul 23

    Rising out of the Copper Glacier in the untouched wilderness of southcentral Alaska, the Copper River Delta is one of the last intact watersheds in the world - turbid glacial water flows through the majestic Wrangell and Chugach Mountains to the central coast where it empties into the Gulf of ...

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  • NETwork Recycling Program

    Feb 20

    Sustainability and conservation are Alaskan values. The fishing families of south-central Alaska are independent, small business owners dedicated to long-term sustainability of wild salmon stocks, the environment and way of life. Our passion not only preserves our livelihood but also ensures abundance for future generations.  Gillnetting is a common ...

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  • Keeping it Cool on the Copper River Flats

    May 1

    Copper River salmon is famous for kicking off the wild Alaskan salmon season each spring. The Copper River fleet fishes a long season that begins in May and extends all the way through September. Throughout this entire time Copper River salmon can be found fresh in stores nationwide. As any ...

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  • Salmon Gillnets: Hanging and Mending Tools of the Trade

    Jun 20

    Salmon Fishing 101.2 Follow along to learn more about commercial fishing for Copper River and Prince William Sound wild salmon Fishermen have been using nets to harvest food from the ocean for thousands of years. Commercial fishermen have used gillnets in Alaska for more than 130 years. Their nets today differ in ...

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  • Salmon Fishing 101.1

    Jan 15

    Fishermen have a lexicon all their own. They drift in their bowpickers on the flats hoping their neighbor doesn’t cork them. What's "corking" you say? Join for Salmon Fishing 101 us as we introduce you to some of the basics of fishing on the Copper River ...

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  • A Day Between

    Oct 8

    DOCK TALK- When the forty-eight hour commercial fishing period closes the boats round the inlet and head back to town. Not everyone comes back; it depends on the day, the tide, the boat and how it is running. Today, on a gorgeous sunny clear day, between the fishing openers I ...

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  • The First Opener

    Sep 15

    May 2014 It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Copper River Reds are here! I don't know about you but I have been lucky enough to eat fresh salmon for the past few days now. But, look at me, getting ahead of myself already. The ...

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