The Corkline

  • The Beauty of Tradition

    Nov 1

    The Beauty of Tradition The traditional craft of the British Isles Guernsey sweater is being is being rekindled by a small fishing community half a world away. Written by Kinsey Justa on assignment for Copper River Salmon Photos by Bree Mills on assignment for Copper River Salmon For as long ...

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  • Fish Forest Fungus

    Oct 4

    The connection between fungus and fish goes deeper than just culinary delights. They are a part of a symbiotic cycle that keeps our forests and fisheries healthy. Salmon are a keystone species for the ecosystems in which they live. This means that all other living things depend on salmon in ...

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  • Siren Song of the Copper River

    Jul 8

    My name is Iris Fletcher. I was born and raised in Homer, attended University of Alaska Fairbanks to attain my bachelor’s degree in Fisheries, Biology, and Marine Sciences, and briefly lived in Anchorage before moving (technically) back to Homer. I say technically because I currently have remote seasonal ...

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  • Lessons on the Copper River Delta: A Salmon System​​​​

    Apr 2

    Lessons on the Copper River Delta: A Salmon System Words and photos by Kate Morse        Where the mountains meet the sea—and where humpbacks swim nearby….that’s what drew me fresh from college (and the East Coast) up to Cordova, AK. I might have applied ...

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  • Salmon for Seniors

    May 22

    It’s difficult to imagine it but not everyone in Alaska has a freezer full of our favorite renewable resource: Salmon! Fishermen band together to make sure those in need have access to delicious nutritious wild Alaskan salmon. Guest blog post by Jocelyn Layte, program coordinator at Cordova District ...

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  • Family, Fellowship and Fish

    Dec 24

    Holiday season stand by, making Copper River King Salmon pickled fish A sense of well being and contentment: Hygge Hygge is a Danish word widely used throughout Scandinavia not easily translated to English. It describes a sense of well being and contentment experienced in a cozy atmosphere with good company, ...

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  • Salmon in the Schools

    Jan 12

    Connecting the dots between beginning and end, students in the Copper River region get a special experience each winter with the addition of a specialized salmon tank in the classroom. The tank currently houses coho salmon eggs, though that will quickly change as the eggs morph into alevin and then ...

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  • Winter Solstice

    Dec 22

    Reflecting on the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year. Here in Cordova, that has come to mean days of rain, at least this year. We think of this season as one for drawing in, for family, for fires in the woodstove, and a hot bowl of salmon chowder ...

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  • A Day Between

    Oct 8

    DOCK TALK- When the forty-eight hour commercial fishing period closes the boats round the inlet and head back to town. Not everyone comes back; it depends on the day, the tide, the boat and how it is running. Today, on a gorgeous sunny clear day, between the fishing openers I ...

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