The Corkline

  • Keeping it Cool on the Copper River Flats

    May 1

    Copper River salmon is famous for kicking off the wild Alaskan salmon season each spring. The Copper River fleet fishes a long season that begins in May and extends all the way through September. Throughout this entire time Copper River salmon can be found fresh in stores nationwide. As any ...

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  • Salmon Gillnets: Hanging and Mending Tools of the Trade

    Jun 20

    Salmon Fishing 101.2 Follow along to learn more about commercial fishing for Copper River and Prince William Sound wild salmon Fishermen have been using nets to harvest food from the ocean for thousands of years. Commercial fishermen have used gillnets in Alaska for more than 130 years. Their nets today differ in ...

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  • Salmon Lifecycle: Part 2

    May 6

    The Journey Spring has sprung, earlier this year than nearly ever before. Baby salmon are awake and moving. They are growing eagerly under the sunlight that’s increasing by minutes each day. By now they’ve used up the last of the energy stores left to them by ...

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  • Our Fresh Catch Crew

    Feb 26

    Meredith Steele - Steele House Kitchen Copper River fishermen are few. There are only 540 or so adventurous men and women who harvest your Copper River chinook, sockeye and coho salmon. We get to tell their story for them and it's an exciting story. So in the past few years ...

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  • Fat Fish: Why Copper River Salmon Fat is So Good For You

    Jan 27

    You’ve probably heard of “Omega-3s” and their role in a healthy diet. Maybe you’ve heard that these fatty acids can be found in abundance in some seafood, or that they are heart-healthy. But have you ever wondered what makes this super-lipid SO important ...

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  • Salmon Fishing 101.1

    Jan 15

    Fishermen have a lexicon all their own. They drift in their bowpickers on the flats hoping their neighbor doesn’t cork them. What's "corking" you say? Join for Salmon Fishing 101 us as we introduce you to some of the basics of fishing on the Copper River ...

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  • Family, Fellowship and Fish

    Dec 24

    Holiday season stand by, making Copper River King Salmon pickled fish A sense of well being and contentment: Hygge Hygge is a Danish word widely used throughout Scandinavia not easily translated to English. It describes a sense of well being and contentment experienced in a cozy atmosphere with good company, ...

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  • Salmon Lifecycle: Part I

    Dec 18

    It is December on Alaska’s Copper River. Temperatures dip into negatives. The sun arcs low on the horizon. Small streams freeze to the bottom; rivers and lakes freeze on top. Energy in any form is scarce. And yet, wild Copper River salmon are growing. They began in late ...

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  • Haiku

    Feb 2

    Salty ocean air Copper River perfection Summer's last hurrah How do salmon inspire you? Post your own Copper River salmon haiku in the comment box below, or on our Facebook page at:

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  • Salmon in the Schools

    Jan 12

    Connecting the dots between beginning and end, students in the Copper River region get a special experience each winter with the addition of a specialized salmon tank in the classroom. The tank currently houses coho salmon eggs, though that will quickly change as the eggs morph into alevin and then ...

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