The Corkline

  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Eric LeBlanc

    Nov 18

    Continuing keeping up with our chefs, we jumped on the phone with Eric LeBlanc to get his thoughts. Dive into another set of insightful answers to our series of chef questions! Do you feel you gained a deeper appreciation for or understanding of the process of bringing salmon to the ...

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  • The Beauty of Tradition

    Nov 1

    The Beauty of Tradition The traditional craft of the British Isles Guernsey sweater is being is being rekindled by a small fishing community half a world away. Written by Kinsey Justa on assignment for Copper River Salmon Photos by Bree Mills on assignment for Copper River Salmon For as long ...

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  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Jeremy Williamson

    Oct 13

    Our next chef conversation was with Jeremy Williamson, the Culinary Director of Blue Collar Restaurant Group in Jackson, WY. Another contestant in our Copper River Coho Chef Competition, Jeremy is both thoughtful and adventurous, beside his obvious skill in the kitchen. Dive in to read his insightful answers.  Do ...

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  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Cesar Figueroa

    Sep 16

    Continuing our chef conversations, we talked with Chef Cesar Figueroa, the winner of our 2021 Copper River Coho Chef Competition. Aiming to get a picture of what he learned during his time in Alaska, and how it changed his perspective, we asked him a series of questions and took careful note ...

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  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Michael Diaz de Leon

    Aug 16

    This past week, we re-connected with Chef Michael Diaz de Leon of Bruto Denver to reflect on his time spent with us here in Cordova, recalling what he learned and how it has changed his perspective.During our conversation, we asked him a series of questions, aiming to learn a ...

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  • Chef Ryley Eckersley Copper River King Salmon Chop

    Jun 9

    In this third installment of our Copper River King + Chef’s Roll + Chef Ryley Eckersley series, we hope to encourage you to new heights in your culinary adventures. We embolden you to approach your kitchen as one might an art studio, with fearlessness and creativity. Watch the video clip, read ...

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  • Chef Ryley Eckersley Copper River King Salmon Loin - A Study in Green

    May 31

    Welcome to the second installment in our Chef’s Roll series with Chef Ryley Eckersley and his inspirational preparation of a whole Copper River King salmon. We invite you to draw inspiration from his exciting and bold flavors and preparation methods, interpreting his culinary works of art in your ...

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  • Chef Ryley Eckersley Copper River King Salmon Belly

    May 16

    London born Chef Ryley, Chef de Cuisine at Quaintrelle in Portland, Oregon, approaches food as a painter does a watercolor palette. Produce and seafood are the center of the canvas; herbs and seasonal blooms add dimension, and sauces are used like a painter’s glaze adorning each finished piece. ...

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  • Skillet Salmon with Spring Veggies

    Apr 13

    Skillet Salmon with Spring Veggies Recipe by Lindsey Johnson, Cafe Johnsonia Spring has sprung and it's almost time for Copper River salmon to return! We're celebrating with this spring-themed recipe, featuring a variety of delicious veggies from the season. Give this recipe a try and get ready for fresh salmon, ...

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  • Spruce Tip Copper River Gravlax

    Mar 10

    Copper River Salmon Spruce Tip Gravlax Recipe by Christa Hoover This method has been influenced over 20 years by many great recipes, methods, cooking shows and of course trial and error. If you prefer more salt or less sugar, more pepper or liquor, more or less spruce tips, customize and adjust ...

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