The Corkline

  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Cesar Figueroa

    Sep 16

    Continuing our chef conversations, we talked with Chef Cesar Figueroa, the winner of our 2021 Copper River Coho Chef Competition. Aiming to get a picture of what he learned during his time in Alaska, and how it changed his perspective, we asked him a series of questions and took careful note ...

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  • Copper River Chef Thoughts with Michael Diaz de Leon

    Aug 16

    This past week, we re-connected with Chef Michael Diaz de Leon of Bruto Denver to reflect on his time spent with us here in Cordova, recalling what he learned and how it has changed his perspective.During our conversation, we asked him a series of questions, aiming to learn a ...

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  • Salmon, Sonar, & Sustainability: Part 2

    Aug 28

    Why should we care about salmon? Salmon form an incredible link between the nutrient-rich waters of the ocean and relatively nutrient-poor freshwater ecosystems (and their adjacent terrestrial landscapes). Salmon are anadromous, meaning they are born in freshwater streams and lakes, and after spending some amount of their young lives in ...

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  • Salmon Lifecycle: Part I

    Dec 18

    It is December on Alaska’s Copper River. Temperatures dip into negatives. The sun arcs low on the horizon. Small streams freeze to the bottom; rivers and lakes freeze on top. Energy in any form is scarce. And yet, wild Copper River salmon are growing. They began in late ...

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  • Haiku

    Feb 2

    Salty ocean air Copper River perfection Summer's last hurrah How do salmon inspire you? Post your own Copper River salmon haiku in the comment box below, or on our Facebook page at:

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